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Your Guide to RV Campground Memberships

Kyle Arnold-profile-image
Kyle Arnold
July 26, 2023

There are a lot of different campground memberships out there. And sifting through them can get quite exhausting. While this is not going to be an exhaustive look at each possible membership, we will take a look at the most popular options out there—along with one you might not know about.

guide to rv memberships

Looking for the best RV memberships? One that you can use from coast to coast? Maybe you've heard of some of these, but we bet you don't know all of them. Check out the best ones here.

Finding the Perfect RV Campground Memberships for You

There are a lot of different campground memberships out there. And sifting through them can get quite exhausting. While this is not going to be an exhaustive look at each possible membership, we will take a look at the most popular options out there—along with one you might not know about.

What to Consider When Looking for the Perfect Fit for You

There is a lot that goes into a good campground membership. While most memberships offer their members great benefits, it doesn't mean that every campground is right for everyone.

Consider the type of travel you want to do. Do you want an RV campground membership that will go with you coast to coast? Are you looking for a specific region? Do you want to pay for a membership that will give you fuel discounts? Are you the type of person that likes to stick with one type of campground or do you want diversity in options?

All of these questions and so many more will go into what is best for you. But below we are going to give you some highlights of each membership and who they might be right for.

Escapees RV Club

Escapees RV Club is designed to be a total support network for all RVers. This means they offer things like mail forwarding, roadside assistance, and educational resources. They have a thing called RVers Boot Camp that helps new RVers learn everything they need to know from instructors.

Most of all they have a great community of RVers that enjoy life. They have different events throughout the year where a lot of members gather together. In addition, they offer an Xscapers community that is designed for working-age RVers too.

How much is Escapees RV Club?

For the basic membership—not including mail forwarding—it costs $49.95 a year for United States residents and $59.95 a year for residents of Mexico or Canada. If you wanted to add the mail-forwarding service, it is an extra $195.00.

What does an Escapees RV Club Membership Include?

You'll get access to the communities, discounts at their parks, and discounts to other partner parks and tools. In addition to this membership, you can add-on mail forward service, roadside assistance, and more.

Who Is Escapees RV Club For?

If you are someone looking to ease the burden of getting started in RVing or someone who wants to have those anchor points throughout the year to gather with like-minded people, Escapees RV Club could be a good fit for you.

Good Sam Club

Good Sam might be one of the most well-known memberships out there. They have over 2-million members and have created an ecosystem that involves campgrounds, fuel perks, and retail stores.

How Much Is a Good Sam Membership?

A Good Sam membership costs $79 for a three-year membership, $55 for a two-year membership, and $29 for a one-year membership.

What Does a Good Sam Membership Include?

A Good Sam Membership offers a 10% discount at select campgrounds, a retail discount at Camping World, Overtons, and RVs.com, fuel discounts at select Pilot and Flying J fuel stations, and dump service at their retail stores—where available.

Who Is a Good Sam's Membership For?

Good Sam is a great choice for people just starting out and getting a feel for camping. The discounted rates at Camping World, Overton's, and RVs.com will help you purchase items in a safe environment. The fuel perks will help you navigate toward fuel stations with large parking lots that will accommodate RVs. And it won't break the bank.

Once you have a year under your belt, you will decide your abilities and style of travel. If you are someone who stays for a week or more in one location, prefers boondocking, and builds confidence in parking lots, you might realize there are other memberships out there. But Good Sam is a great place to start.

KOA Rewards

KOA is one of America's most well-known campgrounds across the country. Known for high-quality campgrounds, clean facilities, and a great staff, KOA is preferred by a lot of avid RVers. And KOA Rewards is a way to go all-in with KOA.

How Much Is a KOA Rewards Membership?

A KOA Rewards membership is $36 per year.

What Does a KOA Rewards Membership Include?

A KOA Rewards Membership includes 10% your registration rate at KOA campgrounds, a points system to help get reduced rate—or free nights—on your next stay, and access to exclusive loyalty program deals.

Who Is a KOA Rewards Membership For?

A KOA Rewards Membership is for someone who loves KOA campgrounds. If you are someone who loves consistency at every campground across your travels, this is a good membership for you. It eliminates those nuances and awkward moments of learning the do's and don'ts of each campground.

You can come to know what to expect during your travels and for some that brings a lot of comfort. You might feel like traveling across the country brings enough unknowns, and you don't want that at your campgrounds.

Thousand Trails

Thousand Trails is a regional-based RV resort and campground membership program that is split up into "zones." This membership allows RVers to take advantage of an entire zone—five across the United States—for a full year without camping fees at their RV Resorts and Campgrounds. There are 200 across the country.

How Much Is a Thousand Trails Annual Camping Pass?

A Thousand Trails Annual Camping Pass is $670 for one zone. However, you can upgrade other zones for $90 for each additional zone or a little over $1,000 for all five zones.

What Does a Thousand Trails Annual Camping Pass Include?

The Thousand Trails Annual Camping Pass includes 12 months of camping without nightly fees. For $1,030 you can camp coast-to-coast at 200 different campgrounds for up to 14 consecutive days.

Who Is a Thousand Trails Annual Camping Pass For?

A Thousand Trails Annual Camping Pass is best suited for people who like to stay in a specified region of the country for a year at a time. If you are someone who likes to dig into an area, this pass might be for you. It means shorter driving days and lots of planning because finding 14 consecutive days at campgrounds can get a little tricky.

But if you are someone who likes to have a plan, loves to change scenery, but not drive across the country, it is a great option.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is the largest, most-fun RV Camping Membership. This company was on INC. as one of the fastest growing businesses in America for 2022. And it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Harvest Hosts has found a unique niche in connecting RVers to RV friendly businesses with RV friendly parking lots. They partner with small businesses to find places to accommodate their Members in exchange for their Members participating in the small business. Essentially, they are a conduit between RVers and the great small businesses across North America.

How Much Is a Harvest Hosts Membership Plan?

A Harvest Hosts Membership is $99 a year—or about two nights at a typical campground.

What Does a Harvest Hosts Membership Include?

The Harvest Hosts Membership includes unlimited overnight stays—at 4,000+ locations across North America—with no camping fees. These unique stays are at places like farms, wineries, breweries, and other attractions.

Who Is a Harvest Hosts Membership For?

A Harvest Hosts Membership is a fantastic option for those who want to see every nook and cranny of North America. If you are someone who is always down for a good time, open to waking up on farms, and wants to fall asleep in the middle of a lavender farm, then Harvest Hosts Membership might be the perfect fit for you.

Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is a network of RV enthusiasts helping RVers experience North America. It is a place where you can make new friends and sleep soundly without being in a campground because you are actually on private property. Boondockers Welcome currently has 3,000+ private residences across Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

How Much Is a Boondockers Welcome Membership?

A Boondockers Welcome Membership is $79 a year—or about a little less than two nights at a typical campground.

What Does a Boondockers Welcome Membership Include?

A Boondockers Welcome Membership includes unlimited overnight stays at 3000+ host locations across North America. With this membership you can stay at most locations for up to five nights and 70% have hook ups for your stay. You'll get to stay anywhere from a driveway in cities you'd want to visit to remote mountain getaways—and everywhere in between.

Who Is a Boondockers Welcome Membership For?

A Boondockers Welcome Membership is a good option for people who want to meet people across the country and save a lot of money. If you are comfortable—or want to learn to go—boondocking, this is the absolute best option for you and your RV adventures.

Learn to get the most out of your RV and you'll extend your trips while keeping some of that hard earned cash in your pocket.


This is the newest membership on the market. CampersCard is a campground discount program that connects 800,000+ RVers to the best campgrounds scattered across North America.

How Much Is a CampersCard Membership?

CampersCard provides discounts and VIP perks at high-quality campgrounds across the US and Canada. Join today for only $39 to take advantage of these exclusive offers!

What Does a CampersCard Membership Include?

Access deals on and off the campground by becoming a CampersCard member. You can save money at tourist destinations, camping retailers, and more.

About CampersCard
CampersCard is the latest campground discount program by the team at Harvest Hosts. This program connects campers on a budget with high-quality campgrounds. Campgrounds offer CampersCard members exciting benefits such as early check-in, late checkout, and discounts on nightly rates to be part of the program. The benefits will quickly offset the membership cost. It’s a win-win for everyone!
Kyle Arnold-profile-image
Kyle Arnold
I'm a freelance adventure travel copywriter. My wife, 2 dogs and I have been on many adventures together in either a big, blue bus or our camper van. While touring the country, we take advantage of checking out new towns, hikes and waterways. We are often found hiking, paddling or drinking coffee and love meeting new people.