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With a CampersCard membership, you'll get camping fee discounts, exclusive campground perks, and other great travel deals at high-quality campgrounds!

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Search quality campgrounds spanning 47 US states and 4 Canadian provinces that provide discounts and perks to CampersCard members.

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Savings at all campgrounds in the network
Discounts on Camping Gear, Entertainment, and Theme Park Adventures
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Connecting Campers on a Budget With High-Quality Campgrounds

With a CampersCard membership, you can save on nightly camping fees. The less you pay in camping fees, the more time you can spend on the road!

The membership that can take you anywhere

With discounted access to public and private campgrounds, you can use your CampersCard membership to start exploring the United States and Canada.


More adventures for less

RVing gets pricey fast. The cost of gas, camping fees, and gear for each trip prevents people from spending more time on the road. But if expensive camping fees were one less thing you had to worry about, would you camp more often?

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